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Anecdotal Behavioral Observations


  • My “flock” consists of ONLY 2 FEMALES (1 Cayuga and 1 Saxony).
  • The Saxony Duck developed an inexplicable etiology (unknown reason) of a slipped tendon in her left leg at 2 months old.
    • She cannot use her left leg to walk.
    • She was taken to the vet for diagnosis and treatment.
    • Although her diagnosis was sad (she was previously a healthy duckling), she is a happy duck.
    • She has learned to live by hopping around on one leg.
    • She has to be helped into and out of her pool.
    • This condition may or may not have affected the personality of each duck.

Cayuga Duck

  • Duckling Color: Black
  • Mature Color: Iridescent Black / Beetle Green
  • Bill Color: Black
  • Mature Weight: 6-8 pounds
  • First Egg Laid: 163 days after birth (or 5 months, 13 days)
  • Egg Production: 1 egg every other day. (130-180 eggs Annually)
  • Egg Color: Blackish / Gray
  • Egg Size: Small – size of chicken egg.
  • Temperament: Dominant with other duck, but friendly
  • Flight? Meh…not really. 4ft high x 20ft distance at most.
  • Lineage: Finger Lakes NY, USA
  • American Poultry Association Class: Medium sized
  • Conservation Status: Threatened

Saxony Duck

  • Duckling Color: Yellow
  • Mature Color: White / Beige
  • Bill Color: Orange
  • Mature Weight: 7-8 pounds
  • Egg Production: 190-240 annually
  • Egg Color: White
  • Temperament: Quiet, wary, friendly
  • Flight? No.
  • Lineage: Germany
  • American Poultry Association Class: Heavy sized
  • Conservation Status: Critical

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